Sunday, August 24, 2014


The academy of Energy and power has created a PBL about the Terraforming of Mars.

As part of this project Mr. Mitchell's Art2Photo classes will be working togther in small teams(groups) to submitt M.A.R.S. based proposals for the Frist Center for the Visual Art's Bollard Decoration Project

M.A.R.S./ B.D.P.

M.A.R.S. Teams of 4 will research Mars, Architecture, Art, Music, Fashion and Design(and anything else they can think of) to inform their proposal to the FRIST.

Each M.A.R.S. team will have 4 members to include Research Specialist, Art Director, Data Manager, Logistics Specialists. These members will work together to identify what their roles mean inside of the team and the expectations they have for each other.

Phase One M.A.R.S./B.D.P.

1.Teams Chosen
2.Data Folder Created
3.Members assigned roles
4.Members discuss roles
5.Practice M.A.R.S./B.D.P. exercise